¿Cuál es la primera idea que viene a su mente cuando escucha la palabra zancudo? use cualquier medio para representar esta idea (i.e dibujo, fotogarfía, text, audio...)

What is the first description that comes to your mind when you hear the word “mosquito”/“zancudo”? In other words, the idea is to describe both concepts by using any media, i.e., drawings, photographs, text, audio recording...


¿Cuál es la diferencia entre “mosquito” y “zancudo”? 

What is the difference between “mosquito” and “zancudo”?


¿Cómo suena un zancudo? Trate de crear y grabar ese sonido. 

How does the mosquito sound to you? Please create and record the “mosquito”/”zancudo” sound.
Este paisaje sonoro/visual se contruyó a partir de tres preguntas puestas en Internet

This sound/visual-scape was built based on the follow questions set up on the Internet
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– For me, the zancudo is a bloodsucker. 
– I want to squish it now.
– It is a mosquito with very long legs.
– It is an animal that flies, with long legs and stings you.
– Blood… It is annoying when they are getting closer and I hear them.
– (bloodsucker!)
– I want to squish it now.
– It is annoying when they suck your blood, and then you have an itch. 
– I am frustrated when I cannot squish it…. Why? Because I am a criminal.
– (bloodsucker!)
– They bite me when I get distracted, not because I allow them.
– Discomfort, uneasiness…  it is basically uneasiness.
– Zancudos are those insects that bite you at night and those who transmit dengue.
– The bite is the worst thing...
– The word “zancudo”?... well… that’s when they bite you, you do not want to stop scratching, but the more you scratch, the more it itches…
– A zancudo is an abominable, treacherous and opportunist beast that sucks the human vital fluids.
Track 4: ellos son sucios/they are dirty

– What do you think about mosquitoes?
– For me, they are dirty and they also have a lot of microorganisms. They are flying everywhere, but then, they land on your food and that is when they leave the parasites. If mosquitoes were the kind of flies that lay eggs, they would leave a fly larva on the food… so they are dirty…

– Mosquitoes are very annoying animals… if they land of my food, I must throw it away… because I wouldn't eat it, would you? 
– So now, what is the different between mosquitoes and zancudos?
– Well... at least zancudos do not land on food. However, zancudos are very annoying too… When they are inside your bed, they do not allow you to sleep.

A mosco is a black-colored insect, that flies but it is not possible to hear the hum of its wings. It is an annoying animal that lands on food or excrement and then on you. 

The mosquito is the same as mosco but smaller in size... what I mean is that a mosquito is the diminutive of the word mosco. It is also a black-colored insect but that produces a painful bite.

A zancudo is the animal with long legs and a sting that is used to suck blood; and in this process, it can transmit diseases.
Track 7: Ronchas/wheals

I relate this concept to the presence of wheals in my body, which normally appear when I am in very tropical places.
Track 8: zumbidos/buzzing
Track 11: Más ágiles que yo/quicker than me

– ...They are regularly colored like a zebra… with long legs… and I can never catch them, even if they are in front of me.
– I associate this concept with sensation such as insomnia, illness or, oedema. I can even reach the limit of thinking about death or bloodlust.
– Emaciated animal that flies and eats very well.
– I remember a smelly repellent that my Mom used to apply on me… and after that, I will be sticky and full of wheals.
– A zancudo can be vector of malaria, dengue, severe dengue…
– ...and they suck blood… it does not matter who you are, but they have their own preferences. 
– They are dangerous since they are infected with diseases and can be vectors of them. That is what I think about zancudos… 
– They are quicker than me. I usually lose.

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Track 10: delirios/delirium
Track 9: bicho/bug

...Bastard bug!
Con el apoyo de/supported by
Track 1: Chupa sangre/bloodsocker
Track 2: Un demalas/bad luck

A zancudo is a little insect with two wings and six legs, which disturbs my sleep and burns my feet. And, if by chance it is infected with a much smaller organism, I can make a journey to the sick ward, or to the death world.
Track 3: Atormentando sueños/disturbing dreams
Track 5: Entre mosquitos y zancudos/between mosquitoes and zancudos
Track 6: Moscos, mosquitos, zancudos/
moscos, mosquitoes, zancudos
= es fundamental usar audífonos /please, use headphones
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